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If anyone’s been trying to reach me and having their emails bounce back, it’s because I’ve changed my email address – just drop me a line via the Contact Me page.

Hi! Below is a picture of the desk where I’ve written many of my books. To take this photo, I had to squeeze right up into one corner of my tiny office:

I’ve had a big tidy-up. Normally, my desk is piled high with all kinds of rubbish. Please ignore the half-eaten cheese sandwich.

You can find my books at…

…most online booksellers, or at your nearest bookshop – if they haven’t got the title(s) you want on the shelf, just ask and they can order them for you.

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The Book Depository (often cheaper than Amazon)
Amazon UK
The Hive (the independent bookseller network)
WHSmith (limited selection)
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Ebook editions are often cheaper than the printed versions, sometimes much cheaper. You can read ebooks on your phone or tablet, you don’t need an ereader.

When I last counted them up (Summer 2014) there had been 67 separate titles with my name on the cover, since my very first book appeared in 1997 (over 90 titles if you include various ebook editions and online stuff as well.) At a rough estimate, they total a little over 1,000,000 words. That’s more than Shakespeare, but far less than Dickens!

I’m currently working on:

  • A really gruesome horror story for teenagers.
  • A retelling of the ancient Greek legend of Icarus, for schools.
  • A couple of books similar to this one.
  • The fourth title in the SWARM series.

My latest books are:

htwascover  Swarm_CVR_PVenom_website  swarm1

I’m on Twitter, but not on any other social media site – anyone with my name on Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads etc etc is not me.